Thursday, 24 October 2013

U16 Vs Selection De Cote D'Argent

An exceptionally tough fixture played over three thirds. To begin with Hurst were truly rabbits in headlights. Confronted with a very large physical team with pace and strength to burn. 

The score line 57-0 does not tell the full story. Selection De Cote D'Argent are a regional side which may be comparable to selecting from Sussex & Kent. 

Following the startling glare of the headlights, slowly they dimmed and players started to shine. As Mr Kift told the boys following the conceding of two tries, we've practiced our attacking game, today......a day to practice your defensive game. 

Jonny Newland and Sam Johnson put there best foot forward and attacked aggressively in both defence and attack. Fergus O'Brien put his muscle to good use and fronted up the best that the opposition had to offer. Hurst were slow to realise that we needed to tire this huge team out and the only way to do this was to run the ball at every opportunity! This slowly became apparent and when it clicked we broke the line with storming runs from Hebbard, Hickmet and Newland. 

In a game of this physicality there are always injuries and the loss of Joe Ratcliff was huge to the momentum of the team. Christopherson and Harvey battled hard all game from the base to speed up thing and to unleash our backs, unfortunately there was not enough space for the ever persistent Osler Holt who was relentless with the ball.

A big mention must go to Sam Pfeiffer and Dom King who gave everything they had all game, Dom as last man in the defence was fearless in the tackle and under the highball. 

A cracking effort from the boys, there was not much noise coming from them during our two hour journey to Biarritz post match. Much to learn however not one person that took the field during this game let anyone else in red and white down!

Team : Mills (Burnett), Pfeiffer, O'Brien, Atkins, Jenkins (Hebbard), Hickmet, Oliver, M.Smith, Harvey (Christopherson), Ratcliff (Hiller), Osler-Holt, Newland, Johnson, Compton, King

Did I say we had torrential rain prior to kick off? 

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